Our sourcing is under constant review. If it isn't ethical, it's eliminated and adjusted according to the advances of the day.

Did you know that common inlay materials like Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan and Malachite from the Congo are often what funds the many wars in these countries? We are not distracted by pretty things with disastrous pasts. Our inlay stones are sourced in their raw and original forms from miners around America who love what they do. This insures the most fair mining practices, and very importantly, that zero child labor or the funding of conflicts were involved during the collection of our stones.

Our diamonds are certified conflict free and are in compliance with the Kimberley Accord. However we believe that the Kimberly accord has a narrow definition of "conflict," and are actively transitioning to using reclaimed diamonds whenever possible. Most of our melee diamonds are reclaimed and our goal for 2023 is to provide all of our large diamonds with either known origin certification, or for them to be reclaimed, which is the most ethical choice because zero new energy or mining was involved in their sourcing.

Our Montana sapphires are purchased miner-direct whenever possible. We are always looking for sapphires cut in the USA as well, meaning your beautiful stone never left this beautiful country.

We set our standards high in hopes we can be a harbinger to our jewelry community.