Our Mission

We're a celebration company that represents your values with beautiful jewelry

We will make the world a more beautiful place.  


  • Continually educate ourselves on the processes used to extract earth's resources used in jewelry so that we can make informed and ethical decisions when purchasing. 
  • Share with others what we learn about social and environmental performance so that our industry can follow our lead in establishing best practices. 
  • Continue our financial support of larger national organizations that make a valuable impact in the lives of BIPOC, and those affected by systemic racism in the social & environmental areas of our culture. 
  • Use our platform to inform our audience of good work being done by smaller nonprofit organizations through the form of one-of-a-kind auctions. 
  • Continue sharing stories and images that elevate and amplify BIPOC and LGBTQ communities.

Love who you want, & be loved as you are

Our story