The handmade details in our jewelry, are what make it unique

Our hands are our most precious tool and we believe the intricacies of handmade work should be valued and adored. We pride ourselves on the integrity, originality, and beauty of our jewelry & our process.

Our Unique Process

Our specialty is Lapidary, which is the art of stone cutting. This craft is rare and hard to learn. Its dirty, loud, dusty and its our passion. We do 100% of our own lapidary work right in our Denver studio. Stones are our muse! We are able to source direct from miners around West, then cut these raw and untouched rocks down to the exact size we need. Our jewelry is created first, then we cut the rocks to fit the shape desired. It's not usually in that order, which is why our jewelry looks so different than any other you have seen before. There is unlimited potential when it comes to what shapes and structure we want to inlay with stone.

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