Illustration of brush in a cup for jewelry care

Jewelry Care


Any ring can be presented as an engagement ring, but not all rings are the best choice for every day forever wear. Diamonds and gold are the traditional materials to wear as engagement or wedding jewelry because they are the most durable. Everyday forever is a long time, so choose wisely when considering a ring to be the everyday representation of your love. It’s a big decision to represent your love with fine jewelry, consider a versatile set that can we worn in all the different times and events in your life. All jewelry requires care and attention, so please realize just because a ring is chosen and presented as a wedding ring, does not mean its appropriate for everyday wear. All jewelry should be taken off before bathing, swimming, yoga, applying lotions, working out, doing the dishes, etc. We recommend a simple pure gold band as the everyday forever wedding ring. Our inlay jewelry can be worn as the occasion permits. More information is explained in our FAQ PAGE.