Heirloom Gemstones

Only loose faceted gemstones larger than .15 ct are eligible for use in our signature settings at this time.

If you have a gemstone larger than .15 ct. already set in an existing piece of jewelry, you will take it to a local and trusted jeweler to have the stone removed from its original setting. This allows you to see if there are any chips or flaws hidden under the existing setting. We do not offer this service. You will need to have the stone removed before sending it to us. 

We can not use heirloom gold.

Building and fabricating jewelry takes time and we ask for your patience and understanding as we handcraft each piece.  We need very specific pieces of gold and exact sizes of accent diamonds to build our ring styles. We can not melt down and repurpose your heirloom gold or smaller gemstones for that reason.  Our focus is specifically to turn your .15 ct. or larger focal stone into a new YITM piece.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Your stone must be appraised.

Ask the jeweler who is removing the stone if they also offer appraisal services. Please note, we will require a review of your stone appraisal before we start the project or receive your stone.

Only select styles are eligible for heirloom stone use. 

We can use your .50 ct or larger stones in our solitaire styles. We can use stones between .15 ct. - 1.00 ct. for use in our Cerclen inlay necklace, ring or bracelet styles. We can not reuse your pavé accent stones in any styles. 

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