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Order with confidence! There are two different ways to check the correct fit of our signature Ring Crowns! The printable PDF and the Try At Home kit.

Custom size
If you have a simple solitaire ring and would like to add color and creativity to your wedding stack, our ring crowns might be perfect for you! Simple solitaires held in a prong-style setting work best. Our signature inlay Ring Crowns are intended to fit the shape of existing YITM rings. If you have a ring from a different designer, the crowns might still work if the proportions are similar to our ring.
Step #1

The first step is to download the PDF of our RING CROWN TRY AT HOME system. Click the graphic at the top right of this page called "Find My Ring Size." Download the PDF, cut out the correct part of the paper, curve it into a tube and then slide your existing ring on the paper images of our crowns to determine the best fit.

Step #2

After the printed PDF showed you the Ring Crown might be a good fit, order the correct physical example from this listing. When the sample arrives to you, try to balance it on top of your finger next to the wedding ring. If the crown seems to fit, you can comfortably and confidently place an order for a real Ring Crown with your desired inlay stone and diamond color.

Need Help?

If you have questions about the fit or need an extra set of eyes to double-check your decision, please just reach out. You can text us with the photos you need advice with.  We are open M-F 10-5 pm MTN time for phone communications.  

Text us at (720) 672-0079


This "Try At Home Crown Kit," will be shipped within 4-5 business days.  It will need to be returned to us in 10 days to receive the refund. See refund details below. 


We love our kits to be returned in a timely manner and will reach out with reminders after 10 days.  When you're done with the kit, email us and we will send you a printable PDF return label. When the kit is returned to our studio, your $100 payment will be refunded, minus $40 shipping and processing fees. That's $60 back to you when you return the kit to us! 


We are conscious at every step of the supply chain.

We are proud that all of our inlay materials are sourced in their raw, natural forms, directly from miners who love what they do.

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Our customizable engagement collection allows you to choose the exact ring size, inlay stone and diamond accent colors. Your perfect set is just a few clicks away!

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