Gemstone 101


Choosing the correct ring

Engagement Rings The only rings that we will refer to as engagement rings are solitaires with a diamond or sapphire set in a gold band.  These two gemstones are the hardest stones & are the only gemstones up for everyday wear.

Wedding Bands We recommend a wedding band be of pure gold with or without diamond or sapphire accents. These rings are wearable every day, on all occasions with the engagement ring.

Inlay Ring Crowns Our famous inlay Ring Crown should be considered an accent ring to your stack, not a wedding band. This style is not wearable every day, on all occasions.

Celebration rings Our popular rings combining inlay & gemstones are beautiful and durable however, these rings should not be considered engagement rings. These rings are not wearable every day, on all occasions.

Questions on wearability ?

If you're needing guidance on how to classify the ring you desire, please contact us for confirmation on specific style wearability. This is important to the success of your purchase if you're intending YITM for a commitment/engagement ring.

720 672 0079

What can be made custom?

Young In The Mountains is the atelier of the artist, Mariele Ivy, where a small team of talented young creatives works together to produce fine jewelry to represent & celebrate life. We don't offer custom jewelry in the sense that you can submit personal inspirations for the final piece. Instead, we let you customize our designs in small ways that maintain the integrity of Mariele's artistic vision & the high level of craftsmanship our team has spent their lives pursuing.

How to order

We are an online jewelry company. We do have a small, Denver showroom, but our entire process is designed to happen virtually via phone, and online & with our newly launched, Ring Crown Try At Home program. The ordering process happens directly through the website and we are here for any questions along the way via phone or email. 

Visiting the showroom is coming deep into the heart of the working YITM studio. It’s not a jewelry store, but an active jewlery studio. It's going to be loud and exciting. It’s not a typical store experience, we put down our hammers and come out of the studio to walk you though the physical collection and then help you place your order on the website.

How to navigate the website

Our website is divided into two sections.

The AVAILABLE NOW section will be ready to ship in 1-3 business days. These items are resizable, but not customizable in any other way. Often this section is full ofone-of-a-kindd pieces that can’t be remade or feature special stones and ideas we are experimenting with.

The MADE TO ORDER section features our core collection where the pieces are customizable and have options like inlay stone, gold color, custom dates in our secret pattern, and diamond accents. They can be made in your perfect ring size.

Add A Pop Of Color & Creativity To A Solitaire Ring

Communication schedule

You will receive the following:

An automated email confirmation when an order is placed online & an automated email notification when the order ships with the tracking number. We will also reply via e-mail or text with any other questions throughout the process. 

Be assured if your order is placed, you're in our production schedule. We try hard to make the website experience seamless so you don't have to email or reach out again. If you want to email us again at any time, you absolutely can, but you will not be contacted by our team after the order is placed. We capture all the details we need during the online checkout process.

Get in touch with us Mon - Fri for all customer service needs.

Timelines & shipping

Available Now items will ship within 3 business days of placing your order. Resized items will take an additional 2 weeks. Same-day shipping is a recent development made popular by Amazon. We are NOT Amazon. We are a small team of artists. 

Domestic purchases are shipped and insured as high-value items. We are required to ship using USPS EXPRESS by our insurance provider. This insurance is complimentary to you. If you have a special shipping request and do not want to use USPS, you can email us for a quote for your special circumstance

We ship made-to-order items as soon as the item is ready. If you would like us to contact you BEFORE shipping, you need to state that clearly in your order. We will then hold the item to arrange the shipping according to your schedule as needed. 

Exact and expanded details on shipping are described on our SHIPPING page.

Planning a surprise proposal

Do you share a bank account? Keep that in mind as charges from our business do appear as Young In The Mountains. 

What is your proposal plan? If it’s a set date and not flexible, give yourself weeks of room to accommodate unexpected delays. Life is a wild ride and you never know what to expect.

Do you have "Informed Delivery, " set up with USPS? If this is a surprise proposal, find a friend that can receive your package, so there is no chance of your partner finding out this way.

Our packages clearly state our business name as the sender.

Note from the founder

We are a small team of artists, creating unusual, artistic jewelry. We are kind, real people, not a rigid corporation lacking empathy. We enjoy what we do, we are proud of our success & the thousands of happy people in our wake. We will always give our best effort to educate you about the purchase, fix any issues when they arise, & communicate clearly and positively with you. We expect the same from you in return. Let's work together respectfully and make this an enjoyable & memorable experience!

-Mariele Ivy

More info on our F.A.Q page.

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