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We love to hear and share your love stories! From engagement rings, to graduation mementos, to personal achievement pieces, we want to hear from you! We love sharing your stories on our IG series, " LOVE IN THE MOUNTAINS."

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Aubrey + Jules

“I never pictured a ring on my finger until I stumbled upon Young in The Mountains and started dating Jules. She is everything I have ever manifested in a partner and I couldn't imagine anyone else by my side for the end of time. I also couldn't imagine any other ring to capture our love!”

Penelope + Ethan

“The moment I knew Ethan was the one was actually only about two months in. We were at his parent’s, woke up early, and chatted with his brothers. Ethan, in the middle of explaining to his middle brother why he was wrong about something (probably video game related), took my coffee cup, refilled it, and got a blanket for me, all without missing a beat in his conversation. He sat down, handed me my coffee, tucked us in, kissed my forehead, and continued with his brothers, me at his side. It is a small moment, but I felt right then that this was where I was always meant to be—this was it—and that feeling never left.” -Penelope.

Chelsea + Joe

“I just knew in my heart that she was the one. It was so natural with her, no show or anything. Just an authentic friendship and relationship... I just knew.” -Joe