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Custom size

Ship your item back to the YITM studio with our special insurance rate.  It also covers the shipping from the YITM studio back to you. Insurance for items up to $15,000 retail value is included.

 Labels will be created and emailed to you. They are not downloadable from this listing. 

Label is a USPS flat rate, padded envelope.


Please use USPS flat rate, priority mail, and padded envelope. We will email you a printable PDF to attach to the package. Please tape the label to the package and scan it in at your local USPS.


All packages require a scan or the package will not be covered by USPS. You can ask at the counter for the package to be scanned into their system. Do not leave the package, unscanned, or unattended in a blue box or on the office counter.  The insurance will not be valid if there is not evidence that the package was received by USPS. This step is very important. 


The special jewelry insurance policy we have requires us to use USPS. 


We are conscious at every step of the supply chain.

We are proud that all of our inlay materials are sourced in their raw, natural forms, directly from miners who love what they do.

Sourcing our stones


The design of your dreams

Our customizable engagement collection allows you to choose the exact ring size, inlay stone and diamond accent colors. Your perfect set is just a few clicks away!

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