Angel wing variscite sacred space band

This ring is a size 8. It is not eligible to be resized.

Custom size

This ring is a size 8. The  9 mm wide band inlaid half way around with American mined black jade with a domed Angel Wing variscite cabochon at the center. The back half of the band is pure14k  yellow gold.  This ring is a beautiful piece, but needs special care. It can be worn as the occasion permits. Like all inlay and fine jewelry, it needs to be removed when working out, during strenuous activity, when exposed to water or cleaning chemicals.


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14k recycled yellow gold, inlaid black jade and angel wing variscite


The Sacred Space band is perfect to wear alone, but could also be paired with any other straight band options. Consider the Cosmic Alignment to pair for a unique look!

Responsible Sourcing

We believe that jewelry representing this wild gift of love should never involve tainted materials mined by children or from war torn nations. We are not distracted by beautiful shiny things that have dark and disastrous pasts. 

YITM proudly features recycled metals, recycled melee diamonds and 100% Americam mined inlay stones. 

We are proud that all of our inlay materials are sourced in raw, natural forms from the American West directly from miners who love what they do.

Jewelry Care

All jewelry requires care and attention. Jewelry should be taken off before bathing, swimming, yoga, applying lotions, working out, doing the dishes, etc. etc.  We recommend a simple pure gold band as the everyday forever..ever wedding ring. Our inlay jewelry can be worn as the occasion permits. 

Everyday forever is a long time, so choose wisely when considering a ring to be the everyday representation of your love. It’s a big decision to represent your love with fine jewelry, consider a versatile set of 2-3 pieces that can we worn in all the different times and events in your life. 

 More information is explained in our FAQ page.


We are conscious at every step of the supply chain.

We are proud that all of our inlay materials are sourced in their raw, natural forms, directly from miners who love what they do.

Sourcing our stones


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