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We strive to offer whatever ring size you need. Our rings are available in sizes 3-16; full, half, and quarter sizes. Not sure what size you are? No problem! We'll help you find your perfect fit with a reusable ring sizer, shipped directly to you - just pay for shipping.


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This ring is ready to ship in a size 7.5. It can be resized up or down within 3 sizes for $50. We will send you a separate invoice if your order denotes a resize. Resized jewelry is FINAL SALE and is not eligible for return. Please allow up to two additional weeks for resizing.
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This piece is near perfect and discounted based on the quality. While it is incredibly beautiful, it is not our absolute best and the sale price is passed onto our clients. We are artists, not robots, after all!

The flaw may be a crack in the stone, viable epoxy on the inlay, a returned and repaired item, or simply a sample of a design that didn't make it to the gallery floor. Because of this, these rings are FINAL SALE. If they need to be repaired in the future for a different and new reason, the repair will not be complimentary. Repairs are not offered on the existing flaw that casued the piece to be a seconds.  


A rare color for a MT Sapphire! This rosey color MT sapphire is set in a secure bezel setting on our carved Helena band. This stone was both mined and cut in Montana, and is set in fairmined gold! Those three elemends combined make this ring the absolutle most responsible ring we could dream of making. 

This stone has a "surface reaching inclusion" which means its not top quality for an engagement ring. Its not broken or chipped, this just means its better to be worn occasionally not everyday where it could come into contact with a big blow.  A stone with a surface reaching inclusion is better for dress up cocktail style wear.


14k fairmined yellow gold, 7 x 6mm MT Sapphire


This ring is ready to ship in a size 7.

It can be resized up or down within 3 sizes. Resized jewelry is FINAL SALE and is not eligible for return. Please allow up to two additional weeks for resizing. 

If this ring is sized UP it will then contain non fairmined gold to increase the size

Jewelry Care

All jewelry requires care and attention. Jewelry should be taken off before bathing, swimming, yoga, applying lotions, working out, doing the dishes, etc. etc.  We recommend a simple pure gold band as the everyday forever..ever wedding ring. Our inlay jewelry can be worn as the occasion permits. 

Everyday forever is a long time, so choose wisely when considering a ring to be the everyday representation of your love. It’s a big decision to represent your love with fine jewelry, consider a versatile set of 2-3 pieces that can we worn in all the different times and events in your life. 

 More information is explained in our FAQ page.


We believe jewelry represents the gift of love. Our pieces are simple, purposeful, and inspired designs.

We are proud that all of our inlay materials are sourced in raw, natural forms from the American West directly from miners who love what they do.

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