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We strive to offer whatever ring size you need. Our rings are available in sizes 3-16; full, half, and quarter sizes. Not sure what size you are? No problem! We'll help you find your perfect fit with a reusable ring sizer, shipped directly to you - just pay for shipping.


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Wholesale rings are available in sizes 5-8
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It was the AQUILLA that retrieved the thunderbolts of Zeus and carried his messages, and it is from this name that the English word "Eagle" was derived.

Little notches in these half moon shapes of 14k gold mimic the texture of feathers while the reclaimed white diamond sits atop like the head of a watchful eagle.

This pendant hangs freely on 14k yellow gold 16 inch box chain.



These offerings have been selected from our existing online collection. The MSRP is 2.2 X the listed price. We offer whole ring sizes between 5-8. No substitutions or special stone requests will be accepted. Our minimum opening order for new accounts is 8 pieces. You should receive your order approximately one month after your order date. The product names of our styles must be maintained on your e-commerce platform, no name changes to our products are allowed. 


14k recycled yellow gold and either a .10 ct. or .03 ct. reclaimed white diamond.


We do not create single-piece special orders for clients. We can take reorders in 3-piece quantities. The turnaround time is 4 weeks. We will ship to your store, but not drop-ship to your clients. 


Chain repair is covered under our warranty if the chain breaks within 7 days of purchase. These chains are sturdy but they can break if they are pulled on. You can tell if a client's chain broke because it was pulled if it measures longer than 16 or 18 inches. Often a chain is caught but the client doesn't notice, and then they claim, " It just happened."  We will sell a new chain to a client after 7 days. We do not repair chains. Chain repairs should be done at a local jewelry shop where they live.


We believe jewelry represents the gift of love. Our pieces are simple, purposeful, and inspired designs.

We are proud that all of our inlay materials are sourced in raw, natural forms from the American West directly from miners who love what they do.

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Our customizable engagement collection allows you to choose the exact ring size, inlay stone and diamond accent colors. Your perfect set is just a few clicks away!

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