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A really unique piece of Malachite from Arizona, is hand cut and shaped to fit perfectly inside this 14k yellow gold 7 mm bezel. This stunning pendant swings freely on a .5 mm pure gold 16 inch chain. Perfect as a final accessory for wedding day jewelry, and modern and subtle enough to incorporate into everyday outfits thereafter! 



14k recycled yellow gold, Malachite from Bisbee, Arizona. Hangs from an 16" .5mm box chain.


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Responsible Sourcing

We believe that jewelry representing this wild gift of love should never involve tainted materials mined by children or from war torn nations. We are not distracted by beautiful shiny things that have dark and disastrous pasts. 

YITM proudly features recycled metals, recycled melee diamonds and 100% American mined inlay stones. 

We are proud that all of our inlay materials are sourced in raw, natural forms from the American West directly from miners who love what they do.


Do you love this style but desire some subtle changes, like inlay stone or metal color? You are in luck because a larger style, the original Circ necklace style is featured in our CUSTOMIZER! Design your perfect piece here.

Jewelry Care

All jewelry requires care and attention. Our fine gold chains are beautiful and strong but are no match for a grabby toddler or a wild night. Remove your necklaces when working out, sleeping, calming wild children or generally anytme your chain could be yanked or pulled. More information is explained in our FAQ page.


We are conscious at every step of the supply chain.

We are proud that all of our inlay materials are sourced in their raw, natural forms, directly from miners who love what they do.

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Our customizable engagement collection allows you to choose the exact ring size, inlay stone and diamond accent colors. Your perfect set is just a few clicks away!

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