If you have been following along lately, you will have noticed we are growing like a summer weed! Thank you for all of your support and encouragement over the last few years! Recently our lead times have been getting longer, and styles are being discontinued. We are struggling to keep up with the incredible demand, while hand making this jewelry you love.   All of this new growth has been testing our integrity as creatives and leading us to question our path forward.

We have been operating as a MADE TO ORDER business, meaning we hand fabricate each piece, hand cut each stone for the inlay and create the jewelry to size and client specification.  This means we can not limit our growth though selling out of inventory like most other business.  We have been taking unlimited orders, at all times and with this sort of growth it has not been possible to keep up, or desirable for us to operate in this fast and mass proudced way. 

We are about to change the way we take orders as to not stress our teams energy and to manage our growth in a more productive and protective way.  

After September 1st,  most of the website is transitioning over to offering READY TO SHIP pieces only. The AVAILABLE section will be stocked full of our favorite styles in a range of sizes and inlay stone offerings. All work will ship in 1-3 days. Many of these styles will be YITM signature pieces, but this will also allow us to create as artists more one of a kind work.




The ENGAGEMENT SECTION will be the only place where you can customize the styles by choosing your exact size and your desired inlay stone. All MADE TO ORDER work from the ENGAGEMENT section will be created and shipped in 4-6 weeks. 

If your size, style and stone combination does not appear in the AVAILABLE SECTION, don't worry!

There will be a limited number of opportunities a month to request these specific customized pieces. All MADE TO ORDER work will be created and shipped in 3-4 weeks. CUSTOMIZABLE order spots will be released online on the 1st of each month. WE DO NOT DO CUSTOM WORK, but will create our signature styles in your exact size and you may select your desired USA mined inlay stone from our seasonal offerings. This way we can limit our production capacity, meaning our hands and our attitudes can create just what we know we can handle. This will lower the wait times, and also allow us to creatively expand in new ways. 

Thank you for being part of this growing business. It's your enthusiasm and encouragement that has led us to this point, a place in which we are very happy to be creating.  Thank you sincerely for your understanding.

- Mariele Ivy

Founder & Designer of YOUNG IN THE MOUNTAINS